The TTs were formed in the summer of 1986 with Terry Clemson (vocals and guitar), Noel Brown (vocals & guitar), Johnny Blunt (vocals & drums) and Terry Glasse (bass). Johnny Blunt and Terry Glasse had just left the legendary South London group CSA, and Terry Clemson had just finished two years of touring with Johnny & the Hurricanes. Noel Brown had been playing with numerous South London bands.

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Like the Crickets, the band had difficulty settling on a name. For the first year or so they managed without a name at all and then Terry Glasse suggested "Bandit", while Johnny Blunt thought that "Rock Hard" would be suitable. Terry Clemson wanted a name that was short, to the point, looked big on posters, had connections with motorbikes, black leather and rock n roll; after much consideration he came up with the "TTs".

Noel Brown stayed with the band for about 18 months and then decided to move on to blues and country music and concentrate more on his song writing. One of his songs "Readers Wives" found its way on to a Dave Edmunds album in the late 1980s.

Terry Clemson was now the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, and he drew on his experience of working with rockers like Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley to take the band more into 50s rock n roll.

Terry asked Tommy Husky to join the band on Sax to replace Noel. Tommy had previously been in two other bands with Terry, the Houseshakers and The Hellraisers. After about a year, Tommy moved on to other things, and he is now a respected session saxophonist, and also augments other bands on tour. Click here to read more about Tommy, or to contact him.

Johnny Blunt, (who incidentally was the "Searchers" drummer on a number of their 1960s hit records) was the next to leave the "TTs". He wanted to return to the music of the 1960s and decided to form a 60s tribute band "Reflections". Today he goes out as a solo singer/guitarist under the name of Johnny B Good. Click here to read more about Johnny.

Martin Symonds replaced Johnny Blunt as drummer for the TTs and, from then on, they remained a 3 piece band. Martin is a fine, tight drummer with an impressive pedigree, having played with such bands as Gerry and the Pacemakers.

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Both Martin and Johnny still keep in touch with Terry. Johnny has recorded his new solo CD, Bee Hive Jive, in Terrys recording studio, while Martin confines his playing to session work and the occasional gig. He and Terry formed part of the band that backed their good friend Lord David Sutch a few months before his tragic death.

Terry Glasse hung up his bass in 1997 and was replaced in the TTs by Eddie McManus, another player of considerable pedigree, who has worked with many stars of the 50s and 60s, as well as being a well respected session player.

Over the years other members of the TTs have included drummers Lyndon Page and Pete Gammon, and of course long serving drummer Terry South who plays on the bands "Accelerator" CD.

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The TT's most recent drummer was Richard Allen who played on "Lost Highways". Richard's punchy style was a fine asset to the band, but after a couple of years, he decided to move on to pastures new.

Pete Pritchard has often helped out on Bass. Pete is a regular member of the Avengers, and has also played with many of the greats, including Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Scotty Moore, Alvin Lee, Linda Gail Lewis and many more.
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So the current line-up combines the vast experience of Terry Clemson on guitar and Rob Murly on bass, with the drive and enthusiasm of Phil Hunter on drums. They all share a love for Rock'n'Roll music, and the desire to entertain. 

They have been very well received at many Rock'n'Roll clubs up and down the country, playing a danceable selection of music for the jivers, strollers and boppers. They are also experienced in playing social clubs and private functions, re-creating the 50's music and arousing nostalgia in the crowd.

Why not book them for your dance, social event or party? There's nothing like live music to make the evening, and the TT's are the best.